The Trackstar WEB is Hot Prospect Follow-Up and Client Retention System

The two components of the Trackstar System work together
to result in success that could not be achieved singularity.

At the core of the Trackstar Automotive Hot Prospect Follow-Up and Retention System is the Trackstar automotive sales program and automotive web-based CRM. The Trackstar system produces amazing results because it is not just a software tool. It is a complete sales system developed by a car sales expert to generate more sales and profit for your dealership and automotive sales consultants from existing showroom traffic.

The Trackstar system is supported by car sales experts who offer marketing and automotive sales support to help you get the best return from the system and your current advertising expenditures — so you can SELL MORE CARS! You will make more revenue and profit for your automotive dealership and your sales team will earn more commissions.

The Trackstar Automotive Hot Prospect Follow-Up
and Retention System

Automotive Sales Program

Trackstar Automotive Sales Program: What puts the Trackstar System head and shoulders above any other type of CRM system is that it is web-based on an innovative sales process that has improved performance and results in showrooms across North America.

Trackstar Automotive CRM : The CRM web-basded component was developed to streamline and improve the effectiveness of the automotive sales program to help sales consultants and managers achieve even greater success.

You can make $10,000 or more each month
with the Trackstar WEB system

Trackstar is the best follow-up and retention system on the market today

  • Trackstar targets showroom walkouts to increase be-backs
  • Trackstar will get an additional 15% of walk-in traffic to return - that is 6 be-backs per salesperson per month
  • Closing ratio for be-backs is 35%
  • Average sales improvement for each salesperson is 2 sales per month

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make more than $10,000 more each month.