Increased Income Potential and a Better Quality of Life

The Trackstar WEB System empowers your salespeople to take their careers into their own hands and achieve personal and professional success.

Cars are cool. Face it, there's a reason you picked an automotive sales career. It's a fun job, and the dealer showroom can be an exciting high-paced place to be. With the use of the Trackstar automotive CRM tool, you will have the tools required to sell more cars, feel more comfortable and confident dealing with your customers, enjoy your work and achieve your personal and professional goals. Call Trackstar             1-800-668-0362       to find out how.

The Trackstar automotive sales program was designed by a person who has decades of experience on the showroom floor — selling cars, managing a dealership and coaching automotive sales consultants to be the absolute best they can be. It is based on real world practices and proven time and time again in real showrooms. Thousands of salespeople have already benefited from the Trackstar Automotive Hot Prospect and Follow-Up Retention System — and so can you.

Peak Performance

Don't spend hours waiting for someone to walk into the showroom — the Trackstar system empowers you to be proactive and always be selling. The Trackstar automotive sales program will help you make the most effective use of your day - each and every day. With the automated Trackstar automotive sales software, you will arrive at work to find a personal daily organizer. This organizer outlines tasks and gives you a sense of purpose as you take on the new day.

More Sales

The Trackstar system will help you close more sales. Using the automated Trackstar WEB automotive sales program, follow-up to current showroom traffic and your own client base can result in more than an addition two deliveries per month. Some salespeople who use Trackstar have reported a 35% increase in their income. That's the kind of feedback we like to hear - and do hear. Email Trackstar to see how you can acheive the same success.

Your Own Customer Base

The key to a truly successful career in sales is the development of a strong customer base. The Trackstar automotive CRM  that is at the core of the Trackstar automotive sales program facilitates the development of long-term relationships that lead to repeat and referral sales - these are lucrative opportunities that have a much higher closing ratio than walk-in traffic. The Trackstar system is an automated sales system that ensures contact at all the key points in the relationship building process.

Better Quality of Life

More income and the ability to build personal wealth throughout your career is just the start. You will feel better about yourself and the success you achieve will be a driving force as you work towards your personal and professional goals. It will be fun to go to the showroom. And let's face it, it's easier and a lot less stressful to deal with customers who like you and have a relationship with you.

You can make $10,000 or more each month
with the Trackstar system

Trackstar is the best follow-up and retention system on the market today

  • Trackstar targets showroom walkouts to increase be-backs
  • Trackstar will get an additional 15% of walk-in traffic to return - that is 6 be-backs per salesperson per month
  • Closing ratio for be-backs is 35%
  • Average sales improvement for each salesperson is 2 sales per month

Contact Trackstar today to find out how you can
make more than $10,000 more each month.