Trackstar WEB is a serious Profit Centre for Your Dealership

An automotive CRM tool designed specifically to help Car
Dealerships and Salespeople reach their maximum sales and profit potential each week, each month.

The Trackstar automotive dealer CRM will take automotive sales leads generated by your advertising efforts and turn this existing showroom traffic into valuable and highly profitable hot sales prospects — with no additional advertising costs.

Your Competitive Advantage

The Trackstar Hot Prospect and Follow-Up Retention System gives you a leg-up on your competitors.

Few automotive dealers employ effective follow-up and retention.

The Trackstar automotive sales program will pull customers back into your showroom instead of theirs. You can get started with one phone call to Trackstar   1-800-668-0362      .

Increased Dealer Revenue from BE-BACK Sales

Trackstar automotive sales program will help you sell more cars. It's really as simple as that. The system targets your be-backs and customer base to increase sales to a lucrative market that has higher closing ratios and better profit margins.

Motivate Your Automotive Sales Consultant Team
Success breeds more success. Once your salespeople start seeing immediate results from the Trackstar automotive sales program, it will energize them - it will energize your entire showroom — they will enjoy their work and arrive at the dealership every morning with a winning attitude.

Coach Your Sales Team to Better Sales Performance

The Trackstar WEB automotive sales package gives you the tools you need to coach your sales team. Daily Management Reports show you who is performing on the floor - you will know who your closers are, who is bringing be-backs back to buy — you will be able to identify members of your team who need coaching and where they need it.

STOP Sales Staff Turnover - Retain Your Automotive Sales Consultants
It costs a lot to find and train your automotive sales consultants. With the Trackstar Follow-Up and Retention System, your salespeople will achieve personal and professional successthe type of success that comes with the development of a solid client base.

Make Your Advertising Dollars Pay-Off

Customer acquisition is expensive. The Trackstar automotive CRM tool makes your advertising expense payoff. Your sales team will sell more cars to your existing floor traffic and increase sales to repeat and referral customers — without additional advertising cost. Make more effective use of your advertising budget, email Trackstar to find out how.

Trackstar WEB will Build Your Brand...and Improve your CSI

Your brand is based on how your current and prospective clients perceive you. The Trackstar System enables your dealership and automotive sales consultants to make contact with your clients at the right time and with the right message. This personal contact goes a long way to building a relationship of trust between you and your customers - leading to more repeat and referral sales.

You can make $10,000 or more each month
with the Trackstar system

Trackstar is the best follow-up and retention system on the market today

  • Trackstar targets showroom walkouts to increase be-backs
  • Trackstar will get an additional 15% of walk-in traffic to return - that is 6 be-backs per salesperson per month
  • Closing ratio for be-backs is 35%
  • Average sales improvement for each salesperson is 2 sales per month

Contact Trackstar today to find out how you can
make more than $10,000 more each month.